The grade school athletes of today will become the high school athletes of tomorrow!

Corbett Teams:

Corbett Youth Sports (CYS) begins building the foundation of baseball and softball with our youngest of athletes.


T-Ball is designed to give Kindergarteners (co-ed) the basic fundamentals of throwing, hitting, running, and defensive play in a fun and interactive manner.  The alligator, monkey, and scarecrow are movements our athletes learn to assist with skills.

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Baseball (JBO: Junior Baseball Organization) begins in 1st grade, and through CYS, is available through 8th grade.  Each year builds on the skills and knowledge taught the level before.  Levels include: Farm, Midgets, Juniors, and Seniors.  Historically, CYS Senior teams have competed in league playoffs and provided a strong foundation of players for the Corbett High School baseball program.

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Softball (ASA: American Softball Association) also begins in 1st grade and is played through 8th grade.  8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U are levels based on the girl’s age and correspond with an increase of knowledge and skill of the game.  CYS has been a strong, competitive force in our league and has experienced multiple League Championships.

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Other Sports offered by CYS:

Basketball (5th-6th grade) has recently come under the CYS umbrella in all facets.  This level is designed to give athletes the basic skills and fundamentals needed to compete and have fun.  In 2010, Corbett competed in the Metro Christian League.

Registration: Opens in Oct 2015

Volleyball (5th-6th grade) is growing each year.  The goal at this point is to introduce girls to volleyball fundamentals while developing the athlete’s skill and self-confidence.  Girls build camaraderie and learn the value of teamwork.

Registration: Opens in Aug 2015