Volunteer Information


The Corbett Booster Club has several different types of volunteer opportunities to choose from. Read the descriptions below to determine which type best fits you and then select the box to find more complete job descriptions and online registrations for available positions. We appreciate you taking time to become a Cardinal Volunteer.

General Booster Volunteer

Volunteers in this category work 1 – 4 hour shifts at a variety of positions like selling or taking tickets during games, selling merchandise or working in the concession stand. Ideal for those individuals that have limited windows of time that are available but would really like to be involved in some way with the Booster’s effort to support the athletic program.

Booster Leadership Position Volunteer

Volunteers in this category have more general responsibilities that center around outlined tasks that might extend to a few hours per week. Those selecting this option should be interested in helping to coordinate people in areas like gate admissions, concessions, merchandising, and fund raising. This is also the option to select if you are interested in any leadership position with the Booster Club.