CYS Code of Conduct – Parents

The Corbett Youth Sports Parent’s CODE OF CONDUCT:

I will enjoy my child’s opportunity to experience the benefits of playing a sport

I will trust in my child’s ability to have fun, as well as, perform and achieve excellence on his/her own

I will help my child to learn the right lessons from winning and losing and from individual accomplishments and mistakes

I will respect my child’s teammates and fellow parents, as well as, the players, parents, and coaches from opposing teams

I will give only encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether for my child, his/her teammates, their opponents, or the officials

I will respect my child’s coach and support his/her team effort

I will not instruct from the sidelines unless asked by the coach

I will insure that my child will attend all games and practices possible and when not possible, I agree to inform the coach in advance

I will respect all facilities made available so my child can play games and practice

I will respect any equipment or uniform that may be loaned to my child so that he/she can participate

I will respect the officials and their authority during the game

I will NEVER use profanity, abusive language or threatening behavior towards any player, parent, coach, or official
I will be responsible to report to Corbett Youth Sports any perceived misconduct by coach, player, parent, or official, so it can be handled in an appropriate manner.