CYS Code of Conduct – Coaches

The Corbett Youth Sports Coach’s CODE OF CONDUCT:

– I will take this opportunity to make a difference

– I will be responsible for the young athletes on my team

– I will do my best to ensure all the kids have fun playing the sport

– I will treat all the kids with respect and avoid negative criticism

– I will lead by example and always demonstrate good sportsmanship

– I will see that “all kids play” regardless of skill level

– I will provide only encouragement and positive direction to players

– I will know the rules and will always play by the rules

– I will respect the officials and their authority during games

– I will communicate with the parents on my team and inform them of all team rules, practices and games

– I will respect all facilities and equipment made available for my team to practice and play games

– I will never use profanity, abusive language or threatening behavior towards any player, parent, coach or official

– I will report to Corbett Youth Sports any perceived misconduct by another coach, player, parents or official so it can be handled in an appropriate manner