What is Corbett Youth Sports

For many of our athletes, their love of sports began during grade school when they participated in Corbett Youth Sports (CYS). CYS is an organization that was founded and continues to be run by volunteers dedicated to providing athletic programs to our youngest of athletes. As the fundamental building block for kindergarten through 6th grade, CYS was designed to be the foundation of successful sports that continue into middle school and high school.

Softball 2009Softball, baseball, volleyball and basketball (5th-6th grade only), are organized and run through CYS. Without CYS, kids would not be able to participate in these sports at a local level. All facets of these activities: equipment, uniforms, insurance, league fees, and officials, are all funded through CYS.

In 2007, CYS and the Boosters Club joined forces. To this day, we work closely together providing sports for all Corbett’ athletes – Kindergarten through High School. A percentage of all Booster Memberships and Sponsorships are given to CYS for our programs. Not only do the funds generated by Boosters and CYS pay for the above items, but scholarships are provided to 20% of our athletes who are in need of financial assistance.

CYS continues to maintain a solid foundation for our young athletes. As we experience an increase in participants we ask all of you to get involved. Volunteers are needed on the Board and with coaching positions. If interested please contact a Board Member or click here.  Become a Booster Member/Sponsor today and support all our athletes.

The grade school athletes of today will become the high school athletes of tomorrow!