Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the Booster Club?

  • The Booster Club was established in July 2006, when funding for middle school and junior varsity sports programs were cut by the school district.
  • In the past, Corbett has had Booster clubs that have disbanded due to lack of parent participation. If that happened today, sports programs for Corbett’s middle school & high school would not continue.


2) What does the Booster Club fund?

  • This year the Boosters will fund the bulk of ALL costs for ALL middle & high school sports. Boosters are dedicated to enhancing the athletic opportunities at Corbett High School. We have been able to support more sports teams such as Swimming, Golf and Tennis in the past 2 years. We are continuing with our vision to also improve the facilities for the athletes in conjunction with the Corbett School District such as regrading and fully automating the irrigation system on the football field, installing new score boards for the Varsity Softball and Baseball fields, revamping the weight room with new equipment and flooring, and creating full track throwing and jumping facilities on campus. Our goal is to raise $230,000 to be able to facilitate the sports programs needs and wants as approved by the Booster’s Club in addition to continuing with our special projects to help the athletes. The projects that are being sought after at this time are fully automating the soccer, softball, and baseball fields with an adequate irrigation system. Your support is greatly appreciated.


3) What does my participation fee cover

  • Participation fees only cover a small portion (approximately 25%) of the costs to continue and maintain sports programs.
  • Although we are a 4A school, the cost to run a program is no different between 2A-4A and 6A. Take for example: football – all athletes in the program need equipment, uniforms, transportation, & officials. They also incur other miscellaneous costs.


4) How does the Booster Club raise money to continue the sports programs?

  • Participation Fees
  • Booster Members and Sponsors
  • Annual Red & Black Auction –
    • Usually held in March in the CHS Gym
  • Various Fundraising Activities
  • Annual Golf Tournament –
    • Usually held in September
  • Gate Admission
  • Concessions


5) How does Corbett Youth Sports fit into the mix?

  • Corbett Youth Sports (CYS) joined forces with the Boosters to ensure all kindergarten through 12th grade athletes are able to play sports in Corbett.
  • A percentage of all money raised by the Boosters is given to CYS to ensure that our youngest athletes have a strong foundation to be the high school athletes of the future.
  • CYS athletes attend and enjoy the sports camps hosted by the high school athletes.


6) Does the Booster Club only benefit sports?

In the past, we have also assisted CHAMPS, the Grade School PTA, and Yearbook. We recently contributed $10,000 toward the renovation of the Springdale school gym.


7) Who can be a Booster Member & how can you get involved?

  • We NEED everyone to be a Booster Member or Sponsor!
  • Volunteers are desperately needed & essential to our success! Visit CorbettBoosters.org, call Brenda Fundak @ 503.516.3710