Corbett Booster’s Need You!

Parents/Booster Membership/Corbett Community,

The following positions need to be filled immediately to help the Boosters Club to continue to support the athletics at Corbett.

  • Vice President (Executive board, voting position)
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Fundraising/Auction Coordinator


Corbett Boosters has taken the role to ensure that our student athletes can participate in sports in our district in many ways. The money that Boosters raises every year, along with the pay to play fees, supports our sports programs with not only the items that they need to be able to participate, but also to help support the programs with things that will help the athletes succeed in their sports. The bulk of the money goes directly to the sports programs to help them to maintain their programs. Boosters has been able to help with some facility work such as an automated sprinkler system and regraded football field for the home football and soccer games, providing storage containers that lock for proper storage of equipment, track mats to help in jumping events, and recently, two new scoreboards for the softball and baseball fields and equipment and improvements to the weight room.

With the projected decline in state funding for schools this next year, we are again put in the position to raise money in order to assure our student athletes that the sports programs will be supported to the best of our ability. This is why it is so important to get people involved with the board positions and meetings.

In order to keep our athletic programs at Corbett thriving and growing, Boosters is in need of several board members and volunteers to help us support the athletes of Corbett. Our Boosters board consists of 3 members plus the athletic director at the current time. Our board members are wearing several hats to keep everything going smoothly and desperately need your help.

Please consider a volunteer position and support our athletes. Our kids need the support of all of us to be able to succeed in sports. Boosters Club is a great way to give directly to our student athlete’s needs.

***It’s very easy to sit back and think that someone else will step up to fill positions, but that has not happened for quite some time with the Boosters Club. We are now in critical need for your support. Please do what you can to help the Boosters Club support our kids!

Brief description of each position:

VP – work with the President and fill in when that person is not available at meetings. Take on special projects.

MembershipTaking and processing membership forms for Booster membership. Be present during school (MS/HS) registration in August, at the Community Back to School night and fall home sporting events (Fri night football and Volleyball) to talk to parents and community members about the benefits of a membership and take applications and checks.

SponsorshipContacting potential sponsors, taking and processing sponsorship forms for the year. There is a list of previous sponsors.

Merchandise Keep track of inventory. Get board approval for additional inventory orders and coordinate with Craig Stafford for invoice payment. Be present at MS/HS registration, Community Back to School night and at Fri. night football games (until ½ time) to sell merchandise.

Fundraising/Auction Coordinator Come up with 2-3 events that can raise a healthy amount of funds. Suggestions: Anything from an adult casino night (off campus), start a monthly bingo event, raffles and of course undertaking and chairing the annual Red&Black Auction and Dinner.

If you have further questions, or if you would like to volunteer in one of these roles, please contact: Brenda Fundak at (503)516-3710 or