About Us

Why is a Booster Club necessary?

Without the efforts of booster club members the athletic programs at the Youth, Middle School and High School levels would not exist.

Many schools, including Corbett, are dealing with reduced funding and increased operating costs – fewer dollars and more expenses leads to program reductions. One of the reductions made within the Corbett school district budget was the elimination of funding for athletics. To expect that state funding for K-12 education will eventually allow schools to “add” back those programs cut in recent years is unrealistic. School administrators, board members, parents, coaches, and students athletes are going to have to work together to keep a community based athletic program viable.

How is the Booster Club funded?

The chart above summarizes where club operating revenue comes from. We are very fortunate to have a group of dedicated sponsors and members that account for approximately 15% of the total budget. Fundraisers like the Red and Black, admission charges to home games, and profit from concession sales all combined represent 40% of the budget. The remaining 45% of the funding comes directly from athletic fees paid by student athletes.

Where does the money raised go?
Funding a K-12 athletic program is expensive. Simple factors like the cost of fuel to transport student athletes safely to away games, the cost of required equipment, and increases in game officials fees can have a huge impact on any athletic program budget. Coaching stipends are fixed an account for approximately $55,000 per year. This year $25,000 is allocated for game officials but these costs will increase next year. Corbett’s size and location dictate travel costs – as member of the Northwest League they are required to make several trips to the coast in most sports – $40,000 is budgeted. Each sport program is allocated funds to purchase required and essential equipment – all programs together are allocated $22,000.

The club also helps to fund the Corbett MS/HS Athletic Director position.

High School Athletics

Corbett High School offers ten (10) different sports and competes in the 3A Northwest League. Budget constraints have required us to pre-determine the number of teams and roster spots within those teams and as a result it is possible that not all those wanting to participate will have that option.

Approximately 50% of all students participate in at least one sport at Corbett HS. In a time, when more teenagers are becoming less involved in school, Corbett had over 30 three sport varsity athletes. When you total this up it amounts to over 33,000 hours dedicated to activities of their choice. The athletes that excel on the field are also the students who excel in the classroom. Many of our athletes carry an academic load with multiple Advanced Placement courses (often comparable to a college freshman) and participate on the school band. As a group, they graduate at a rate over 98%. Twelve Corbett HS athletes (12) have been named AP Scholars in recent years.

Middle School Athletics

If you have a child that plays middle school sports at Corbett, you should count yourself as lucky! At a time, when most middle schools throughout the state have eliminated sports programs for this group, Corbett once again is the front-runner in innovative ways to provide athletic opportunities. We have continued the programs with a vengeance.

Corbett Middle School continues to provide opportunities for students to participate in athletics. We continue to provide football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, and track for this young group of athletes. Budget constraints have required us to pre-determine the number of teams and roster spots within those teams and as a result it is possible that not all those wanting to participate will have that option.

Corbett Youth Sports

The foundation of all our teams continues to be the youngest athletes that participate in sports. At the core of this is playing for the simple enjoyment and interaction with friends. CYS provides baseball and softball for kids up to age 14 and basketball and volleyball to our 5th-6th Graders. At camps hosted by high school athletes the bond is forged between our youngest athletes and our oldest athletes. The camps provide the youngsters with skills and techniques of the sport. The relationships built during these camps foster a true sense of community.